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Barra hombro atletismo en cuclillas en cuclillas cojín cuello cojín de la barra

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Feel Safe to Challenge Your Limits!


- Allows you to increase the intensity of your workouts

  Protects your shoulders and neck against impact

 - Gets you faster results with less pain and discomfort

  Remains securely fastened during lifts

 - Fits standard and Olympic barbells (17″ x 3.5″)

 - Can be used for squats, lunges, and hip thrusts

 - Helps you keep a firm grip on the barbell



Comes with two Velcro straps for extra safety

- Has a 1.3″ thick protective layer for added comfort

- Doesn’t deform or lose shape after repeated use

- Has a quick-slip design for easy fit and removal

- Enhances grip and reduces the risk of slippage

- Doesn’t absorb perspiration or nasty smells


SAFETY Straps: 

Foam Squat Pad remains securely fastened during lifts,providing excellent stability and balance.

Thanks to the VELCRO STRAPS that come with your purchase, from squats to lunges and hip thrusts



EXCLUSIVE Challenges

Created by professional trainers, both programs are designed and sequenced in such a way as to gradually transform your body and make it look better and stronger.


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