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This is  Olympic Bar, we have different styles for your selection
regular size is 1.2m*30mm

Steel Handle bar / Weight discs
-7 kg steel bar

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Olympic Bar


It's advantages

  • The Olympic Dumbbell is built from a heavy duty solid chrome steel compound, designed for maximum durability to survive against.Olympic bars are built for maximal weight loading capacity, allowing for continuous powerlifting progression and impressive strength gains.

    The Olympic Dumbbell comes equipped with textured handles to provide a greater level of grip to help improve control during heavy lifts and movements such as the deadlift, press or front squat.


  • Comfort-Fit

    Chrome contoured handles designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the users hands.

  • Built to Last

    Deluxe grade, quality engineered and built to last a lifetime with black rubber-encased 8-sided dumbbells.


How to order


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How can I get more information about your product?

Yes,we do.please contact us directly.

By sea,air,Fedex,DHL,UPS,TNT etc.

 Q6:How long to receive a sample?

It's 2-4 days if stock sample,7-10 days to customize a sample(after payment).

Q7:How long for manufacturing once we place order?

It's about 25-30 days after payment or deposit.


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