Enjoy Yoga

Someone said

Today is the youngest day of your remaining days.
So, cherish it.
Today is the best time.
Yoga, let you meet the best of yourself

In a good time
With anxiety
It’s better to calm down and come to yoga
Find a foot
Give a time of your own

In a good time

It’s better to get stuck in a rut

You will find a wider world

The world outside is very vast

The inner world is more full
In a good time
Instead of worrying about tomorrow
It’s better to practice yoga
Let the present live a wonderful look
The future is every moment

In a good time
Reminiscing about the past
It’s better to practice yoga
Missing yesterday, you will lose today
The clouds are light and the wind is light.

In a good time
Rather than slack
It’s better to practice yoga
Recover the inner passion
Have a good life
In a good time
Instead of spending time
It’s better to practice yoga
Have a dream to chase
In case it is realized?

Every now
if you are willing to
Only between one thought
You can change a living method

Yoga, let you be in the best time
Meet the best of yourself!

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Post time: Jul-14-2021

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