This home yoga flow will help you get a good night’s sleep

Yoga is a fantastic way to build a healthier body and work towards a calmer mind.

‘This sequence is beautiful to do just before you go to sleep,’ says Becky.

‘The gentle movements slow down the body and mind preparing you for slumber.

‘The inversions help to slow down the heart rate which in turn relaxes the body for going to bed.’

How to practice yoga at home safely

Always warm up

Every yoga class starts with breathing, stretching and smaller postures that articulate the spine, create space in the body and stretch the fascia to prepare you for your practice.

Start small

There is no point jumping into inversions or some of the more ‘Instagram-able’ poses. Especially if you don’t have trained eyes keeping you safe.

Nail the basics

Some of the simplest postures are the most difficult to do, and the easiest to do incorrectly. It’s important to get the essentials correct before progressing to a more challenging practice.

Post time: Mar-05-2019

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