How to choose your Dumbbell

First of all, let me introduce the classification of dumbbells.
Common types are adjustable dumbbells and fixed dumbbells
Secondly, I would like to introduce the factors that need to be considered in choosing dumbbells.

1. suitable for their own weight; 2. Materials (including handshake materials and dumbbell head packaging materials); 3. Process (Handshake Treatment and Dumbbell Head Fixing)

Now let’s introduce dumbbells made of steel and iron. Steel dumbbells are divided into fixed dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells.

Let’s take that adjustable dumbbell as an example,General adjustable paint dumbbells are all silicone handles.It can help you reduce the friction between the palm and the handle,also you can wear a straps together, it will be more safe,here you can click the link  to learn more informations


Also there is other styles for your selection,these adjustable dumbbell always come is a case,suitable for home or outside exercise, these products are very popular in gymnasium



And sure we will considerate women, so we lauch these Aquabag, it is easy carry out,and you can adjuste the weight you need,each bag will mark the volum.

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Secondly, I would like to introduce the fixed dumbbell ceremoniously.

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Women’s Vinyl dumbbells are divided into smooth plastic-impregnated dumbbells and hemp plastic-impregnated dumbbells. The difference is the smoothness of the plastic outside. The smooth surface is smooth and the pockmarked surface feels a little frosted.The whole body is impregnated with cast iron inside. I have to say, the hand feeling is excellent. If you use more knurled dumbbells, take the pits and dip them into plastic dumbbells.


About Hex dumbbel,there is also different weight for your selection, the handles is Knurled handle,anti-slip.The hex deisgn fix dumbbells to avoid rolling at will.

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I strongly recommend the knurled structure and silicone hanles. Although the knurled structure may accumulate dust in the gap, it is a very skid-proof design. I don’t want such a heavy guy to fall and hit me on the foot.

Everyone adapts to different weights. It is best to find some products with the same weight to test which weights they adapt to, generally, the weight that can be lifted smoothly when the arms are naturally relaxed is the weight that is more suitable for you.,and then choose the corresponding dumbbells according to their preferences and situations.

Post time: Dec-17-2020

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