Is the early fitness massage gun useful

First of all, I need to know if your whole body is sore after fitness. How long do you exercise every day? How many times a week do you exercise? If the fitness frequency is high and the time is long, it is recommended to start. No matter what fascia gun it can only be used as an auxiliary tool, it is better to warm up before fitness than any artifact.

How to Choose Your Fascia Gun Skills in the Early Stage



The motor of fascia gun is divided into brush motor and brushless motor. Cheap fascia guns generally use brush motors, which are large in volume, noisy, high in energy consumption and short in service life. The working intensity of the fascia gun is directly related to the motor, so the fascia gun of brushless motor is recommended.

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Vibration frequency

Fascia gun has multiple adjustable vibration frequencies. In fact, the vibration frequency of several gears can meet the needs of different parts of the body. Some ultra-multi-gear fascia guns are not practical.

Amplitude length

The amplitude and length of the fascia gun determine its striking force. The longer the length, the deeper the point acting on the muscle. It is generally recommended to choose a fascia gun with a width larger than 10 mm.


Fascia gun is relatively light, wrist may be sour after long-term use, so weight should also be considered. For girls, it is recommended to choose a mini portable fascia gun

Noise level

Noise is easy to be ignored, and the sound of fascia gun is not small when running. It is best for concerned friends to buy a fascia gun with low vibration sound. The volume of a better fascia gun can be controlled at about 30 decibels.

Battery capacity

Battery capacity determines the endurance of fascia gun. If you don’t mind charging frequently, this is not so important.

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