New arrival recommendation

Today, we’d like to recommend our new arrivals to all of you guys! It’s contain Dumbbells,kettlebells,resistance bands, if you are looking for these products ,then just follow up and continue reading.

1.For the dumbbells we have hex,cast iron,vinyl,pvc cover ,adjustable styles

this is one of top sale, hex dumbbells, made of steel+hex,from 5-50kg per pc

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this one is our latest adjustable dumbbell set

water filles, made of PVC plates with metal bar,handle covers soft foam to protect your hands Available size in 17.5kg

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this one is Color Coded weightlifting plate

Cast Iron plates, we have different weights for your selection from 5-25kg, different color replace different weight

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2.Kettlebells, unique design, different weight and color

Made of durable PVC and filled with sands ,from 2-9kg

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zuhe3 - 副本 - 副本

This is aqua bag,

we have 2 shapes for your selection

And it marks the capacity in different levels .Made of high quality PVC, firm and waterproof

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3.New style of reistance bands

one set contain 5 pcs, in 5 LB, it’s fabric bands, same function as rubber bands

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Post time: Mar-24-2021

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