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Before the text, we need to reach 3 consensuses. This is the premise and basic idea of recommending equipment:

First, outdoor sports can cultivate people’s sentiments and make people feel happy. The vast nature and beautiful scenery make people feel happy. The continuous brain tension caused by the pressure of study and work has gradually relaxed during outdoor sports, giving a feeling of relief.

Second, exercise, promote metabolism and enhance physical fitness. During outdoor sports, every cell in the body is awakened, and the exhaust gas in the body is constantly exchanged with the fresh air of nature, which accelerates the discharge of toxins in the body and promotes metabolism. Therefore, outdoor sports not only purify people’s minds, but also bring physical purification and renewal. Therefore, it is recommended that interested friends type in some outdoor sports forums so that they can be companions, and can learn from each other and increase their popularity.

Third, make good mentors and friends, broaden your horizons, and increase your popularity. Outdoor sports generally do not act alone, usually call friends and groups, collective action, this is for safety, can take care of each other, the second is to increase the fun, so that outdoor activities are not monotonous. Usually in outdoor activities, you can meet more friends, meet more new friends, exchange more life experiences and work experiences, expand your horizons, and increase your popularity.



1.Waterproof bag

These bags are waterproofed so they won’t leak even in heavy rain. In addition, mountaineering bags are widely used in other adventure sports (such as rafting, desert crossing, etc.) and long-distance travel.

waterproof bag (2) waterproof bag waterproof bag (8)waterproof bag (3) waterproof bag (5) waterproof bag (6) waterproof bag (7)


2.Bumper ball

The bumper ball event is generally better for two people, two people can bump in it. Bumper ball can be used as a training item among children, and they can touch each other, which is very exciting. The touch ball project can exercise children’s courage and let them grow up happily.

Bumper ball Bumper ball (3) Bumper ball (4) Bumper ball (5) Bumper ball (6) Bumper ball (7) Bumper ball (2)

3.Inflatable tent

Inflatable tents are widely used. He is equivalent to a house that can move. He can do anything your house can do. Of course, small inflatable tents can also be used as camping tents, which are very convenient to set up and carry.

Inflatable tent (8) Inflatable tent Inflatable tent (2) Inflatable tent (3) Inflatable tent (6) Inflatable tent (7)

I wrote so many wordss like a few treasures, and finally listed them.These equipments are not purchased in one lump sum, and there are many detours in the middle.These are the practical products that stay with me.These things are roughly equivalent to the three-year card in my city gym.It’s worth it, right?I can use then for a long time.The important thing is that takes a full hour every day to fully achieve the training effect of the gym.Save two hours can do many other important things.Savings on membership fees and transportation costs  you can buy a lot of ingredients or supplements necessary for fitness.


Equipment is important, but more important is the knowledge and methods of fitness, as well as attitudes and concepts.Whether it is running or fitness,Although it seems that the threshold is not high, in fact, the learning here is much larger than the imagination of the layman.It’s not the harder you work harder, the better you can practice.But the more I believe in science.Make you more efficient and become a better self!

Post time: Nov-28-2019

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