Set up your own “home gym”, how to buy fitness equipment?

Before the text, we need to reach two consensuses. This is the premise and basic idea of recommending equipment:

1. What is our general training direction? Aerobic or anaerobic? Is strength training or other means?

Many people, especially some female friends, are easily caught in the misunderstanding of “rejecting strength training”.They  think that only aerobic exercise such as running, various exercises, and yoga can make your body better. This is not ture.Training purpose determines training method. Actually Activate muscle tissue through anaerobic strength training to make it full and firm,it is the most direct and effective way to improve the body and posture,not only does it not make you “sturdy”, but it also benefits fat consumption.Believe in science.Are the shape of  Victoria  modles so good?They are ot running a jump or aerobics, or training on a yoga mat.To add strength training to your fitness program.Combined with aerobic and anaerobic exercise.


2.If you don’t go to the gym and train at home, is it the equivalent of “just practicing”?

I think fitness should be a serious, difficult, long-term business.It has no interactive fun like basketball badminton, and there is no such rapid increase in the level of short-term visibility of dance instruments.It is a lonely, unspeakable, ascetic.It seems that the threshold is very low, but it is very difficult to achieve certain results.If you want a result that you are satisfied with, you must adjust your mindset.What is said here is an attitude and belief, not related to equipment.


I am a person who doesn’t like to complicate the original simple problem, advocating simplicity and efficiency.Especially fitness.Must be simple and easy, otherwise it is easy to be interrupted by the outside world and cause interruption,Or choose to give up because I am overwhelmed, so I finally decided to train at home!


How easy is it to train at home? There are two big problems that need to be overcome

1. The occupied area of equipment needs to be as small as possible and can be stored.

2. Heavy weight training is a problem, especially hip training


First we need to discard two types of equipment:

The first category: large aerobic devices with extremely low cost performance, such as treadmills, elliptical machines, bicycles, etc.But  you can get a mini  bike such as the picture below, the size just same as a chair.


The second category: some “juggle gadgets” that do not have practical value:The common feature of such equipment is that it meets some of the urgent needs of consumers.It’s good, it’s not expensive, it’s small, and it’s attractive.


Go back to the topic and start the enumeration directly. The items are purchased from the shopping website and useful to me.


Chin up bar




2.Ab roller


It can helping you to build stronger and bigger six pack abs, burn calories, build muscle and improve your overall endurance.The most favorite one is the ab roller set, the first one, it including 5 products, ab roller can strengthen your ab muscle , push up bar can strengthen hand muscle, also with a mat to protect your knee.And it is including a jump rope,this is essentials for home fitness, when you are reading a book or lie down  somewhere to rest ,whatch TV,movies you can use this hand grip,just by single hand,for the long time your hand will be more powerfull.So i really like this set, this is the most usefull product i have got.


3.Barbell set


You will not to go to the fitness club,just at home you can weightlifting.There are many different LB for your selection, especially suit for women,because the size is very small even you can save them in your pocket.


4.hip up buttock


Beautiful hip training improve the blood system of the lower limbs muscles and buttocks, making the hips and lower limbs more flexible and promoting activity.



I wrote so many wordss like a few treasures, and finally listed them.These equipments are not purchased in one lump sum, and there are many detours in the middle.These are the practical products that stay with me.These things are roughly equivalent to the three-year card in my city gym.It’s worth it, right?I can use then for a long time.The important thing is that takes a full hour every day to fully achieve the training effect of the gym.Save two hours can do many other important things.Savings on membership fees and transportation costs  you can buy a lot of ingredients or supplements necessary for fitness.


Equipment is important, but more important is the knowledge and methods of fitness, as well as attitudes and concepts.Whether it is running or fitness,Although it seems that the threshold is not high, in fact, the learning here is much larger than the imagination of the layman.It’s not the harder you work harder, the better you can practice.But the more I believe in science.Make you more efficient and become a better self!

Post time: Nov-18-2019

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