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The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yoga” and originated in ancient India more than 5000 years ago. In ancient India, in order to pursue the highest state of unity of mind and spirit, monks often dwell in caves or monasteries in the heart of virgin forests for meditation and meditation. In the long-term observation of natural creatures, they realized a lot of biological survival rules. They applied these rules to humans and began to maintain and adjust the body according to the postures of animals and plants in different periods. Wound healing instinct. Later, after thousands of years of experience and research, the monks gradually evolved a set of relatively complete theories and rich practice content. This is yoga.


To put it simply, yoga is a method of meditation and relaxation for Indian monks as a fitness meditation.



A practice of ancient monks, why is it so popular and so popular in modern times? Does it have any special effects? Can make people immortal? Longevity is unlikely, but longevity is possible. Yoga is an excellent gentle exercise that has many effects on body repair and maintenance of health. So, what are the benefits of learning yoga? Learning yoga can not only strengthen your body, but also calm your heart, get rid of diseases, clean up the subconscious garbage, and achieve the purpose of self-cultivation. Isn’t this what the restless modern people want?


Maybe you see here, you have already become interested in yoga, you have an urge to try it, and you want to know more about yoga? Don’t worry, listen to my basic knowledge about yoga.


Let’s start with the five schools of yoga. To date, yoga has been divided into five major schools: Yoga Yoga, Karma Yoga, Faith Yoga, King Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. In addition, these decades have produced some of the more popular small schools of yoga, such as hot yoga, stream yoga, power yoga and so on. One of the best yoga for beginners is Hatha Yoga, which is the most practical system of all yoga systems. If you like beautiful mm and want to lose weight, it is recommended to practice hot yoga, it has the effect of weight loss and body shaping.


Yoga postures are the main body for practicing yoga. There are five types of postures including forward flexion, backward extension, twisting, handstand and balance. The sunken twelve postures that future generations group according to these positions are a set of exercises that many beginners in yoga must practice.


Practicing yoga is not just some posture exercises. It also includes the coordination of breathing regulation, meditation, and diet, especially breathing regulation. Learning yoga starts with breathing. Yoga breathing methods mainly include abdominal breathing, chest review, and complete breathing. , Throat breathing four basic breathing methods. Yoga breathing can relax the mind and body, at the same time replenish the energy of the body, arouse greater potential, and rejuvenate the body and spirit.


This is probably the basic knowledge about yoga. Want to know more? Then start quickly, our product link is, you will gain a lot of experience and experience on the way of learning, walk into it, like walking into a magnificent and colorful castle, you You will harvest countless treasures in it, so if you are interested in it, please try it boldly, but before you try it, you must be careful to remind you that you have entered a vast and profound system , We must persist in vain!


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