What happens if a girl insists on fitness for 14 weeks?

Today, I’d like to introduce a. A girl who has been keeping fit for 14 weeks.

This girl’s name is Seana

Seana looked like this before she started exercising.
It can be seen that a thick layer of fat has accumulated in the waist and abdomen.
The whole person looks so unconfident.



Seana used to be a little fat, so to speak.
But it will not be as exaggerated as it is now.
At that time, she was too young to pay attention to these things.


As one grows older,
Her life circle and circle of friends are also changing.
Seana also began to have the habit of drinking in bars.


Perhaps this is the way of life.
Let her body slowly fat up
As can be seen from the figure below, her face is beginning to round.


I believe that no one wants such a figure.
Girls always dislike not having suitable clothes.
As a matter of fact, it is not in good shape.

Seana is aware of this

There is no reason to live like a pig.
This is not what you want, it is time to start to change.

She has no foundation for fitness.
Start with the simplest unarmed training
This is also the exercise tutorial she collected from the Internet.

When I first started jumping, it was like this.
Too heavy to jump
Facial expressions don’t need to look to know how painful they are

Seana, who has just started exercising,
I’m so tired that I can’t even do a standard action at the back.


Seana did a supine leg lift to practice her lower abdomen.
Look at her facial expression
Don’t say she is in pain, everyone who watches it feels very painful.


So i have a sugguestion, you can use some products to help you start the training,

such as this sit up bar,i even use at home



Also,you can training with same yoga mat as Seana ‘s, there are different material for your selection, at the beginning,

you can choose PU, easy clean and water proof



The action of hanging and retracting legs also exercises the lower abdomen.
Take a break every time you do one.
Because the body does not adapt to the current training intensity and with the help of sports products

After the practice, there is only a chance to sit down and gasp for breath.
Tired like this
I believe that some people will begin to give up.

But Seana continued to stick to it and slowly increased the amount of exercise with sports products.
After 4 weeks of continuous exercise, the body has not changed significantly.
The waistline is still the waistline and the weight is still the weight.Such as pull /chin up bar ,booty bands


hip band


When the effort accumulates to a certain extent,
The effects of the body burst out naturally.
The following is a comparison of Seana’s results at weeks 8, 9 and 10.

Is the obvious effect already visible?
As can be seen from Seana’s abdomen
The flab on both sides has begun to shrink inward.


In the face of such progress,
Do you still have a reason to give up?
Let the training come more violently.

Physical improvement, weight loss
Seana, do the dart jump again
It is no longer so difficult, and the movements are very brisk.



I have been practicing for 14 weeks.
It is time to test the results of exercise.The fat on both sides of the waist is no

longer there.
The whole person is already one size smaller,On the positive side,

it is more obvious.
There is no excess fat on the arms and abdomen.
Seana’s confident smile also blossomed.


Face your own changes
Seana also told her fitness friends
Hold on, you can be like me!







Post time: Jul-24-2020

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