Why Use Resistance Bands?

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In days gone by your gym bag probably contained your kit, maybe a protein shake for afterwards and not a lot else, but nowadays no gym bag is complete without a set of resistance bands. Often touted as one of the most effective pieces of workout gear, gym-goers old and new have cottoned onto the idea that the humble resistance band is the perfect bit of low-cost and high-impact kit for building muscle, increasing mobility and staying fit.

However, demand for resistance bands, as well as the surge in popularity for home workouts during times of ‘social distancing’, means that it can be difficult to get your hands on a set. That’s why we’ve done the searching for you and found six, in-stock sets of resistance bands that are lightweight but still deliver heavyweight results.

Resistance bands are, you guessed it, bands of rubber — at various lengths, thicknesses and durability — that are designed to help you stay fit, flexible, mobile and strong wherever you are. Resistance bands can also be used for stretching or mobility routines and can be used on their own or as part of another exercise to increase or decrease resistance.

For example, adding a resistance band to your pull-ups, regardless of your current pull-up progression, will train your body to build the strength for a full rep, helping to get your chest to the bar. Conversely, adding a resistance band to a deadlift or another pull-focused exercise like the bicep curl will increase resistance, helping you get more out of the lift. It’s perfect if you’re not ready to shift up a weight, but still want a little extra challenge.

In short, resistance bands are ideal for the guy who wants to get a workout in absolutely anywhere — from the living room, to the garden and to the park.

Which Resistance Band is Best for Me?
For those unaware, resistance bands come in different formats, each with a different intended purpose. Some resistance bands are more effective on different muscle groups. Here’s what to look out for:

Tube Resistance Bands
These are the resistance bands that come with handles and door attachments — they’re perfect for interior home gyms, where you can be short on space and can be packed away easily. An ideal resistance band for hypertrophy.

Flat Resistance Bands
Like an enormous elastic band, flat resistance bands are the typical mobility and strength-work-on-the-fly bands that you’ve seen peppered all over fitness-focused social media accounts. They’re the ultimate space saver, weigh almost nothing and are incredibly affordable. Similarly, you can grind out almost every standard exercise with one of these resistance bands. That they’re suitable for yoga and pilates is just an added bonus.

Mini Resistance Bands
Lastly, ‘mini’ resistance bands — the circumference of a large dinner plate — are ideal for lower-body warm-up and strengthening work — such as glute bridges — while also helping correct lifting form, such as knees caving during squats.


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Post time: Nov-14-2022

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