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This set inclduing: 1 set latex tube(10/15/20/25/30LB),1 set latex band(600*0.35/0.5/0.7/0.9/1.1mm),2 core slider(18cm),2 handles,2 straps,1 bag

MOQ is 500 sets,logo for free,support customize package,We only choose the best material to ensure the quality is better than market standard

Our bands can apply to different types exercise.Perfect for toning your arms,shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc. Also comes with convenient travel pouch.You can also take your bands to Gym, Office, and even workout on vacation!


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We are the first manufacturer to develop and produce resistance bands. We choose 100% natural environmental protection latex, with strong tensile strength, oxidation resistance, high quality and favorable price. We have always been a cooperative manufacturer of famous brands.
We continue to research and develop new styles on the basis of traditional suits, increase production, meet the needs of different customers, and tailor-made for customers.
The resistance bands can exercise the muscles of different parts of the whole body. It has the characteristics of light weight, easy operation, easy carrying and strong stretching strength, and is a real home fitness product!

What you can get from this set?


Latex tubes

Materials 100% natural latex,Yellow 10-15lbs.Red 15-20lbs.Blue 20-25lbs.Green 25-30 lbs.Black 30-40lbs.All exercise bands can be used alone stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 100 lbs.


Latex bands

The bands are made of 100% natural latex & free of TPE and come in 5 resistance levels: Green X-Light, Blue Light, Yellow Medium, Red Heavy, Black X-Heavy. Ideal for improving strength and mobility

core slider - 副本 (2)

Core slider

2 fitness core slidersd diameter is 18cm, work smoothly on all surfaces so that you won’t matter what surface you’ve got. Double Sided, one is fabric side and the other is smooth side, it ensures you slide easily and keep your feet stay in place.

Packing list

5 * Tube Resistance Bands -- Yellow 10lb, Green 20lb, Red 30lb, Blue 40lb, Black 50lb

5 * Loop Resistance Bands -- Green X-Light, Blue Light, Yellow Medium, Red Heavy, Black X-Heavy

2 * Double Sided Core Sliders

2 * Soft Cushioned Handles

2 * Ankle Straps

1 * Door Anchor

1 * Manual Instruction

1 * Carrying Bag

All the products can add logo for free


We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Natural latex tube

Resistance bands made from 100% high-grade natural latex with double layered tubing to prevents bands snapping and provide longer durability.Each band is carefully constructed to resist snapping and breaking. Strong wear resistance and perfect elasticity, steel metal buckle for stronger strength, non-slip and comfortable handle.


Different Color & Stackable Up to 100 LBS

The resistance bands come with 5 different resistance level,different color is in different level.You can use the bands independently or in any combination.

All exercise bands are 36" in length, and can be used alone stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 100 lbs.

Our workout bands can apply to different types exercise. Perfect for toning your arms,shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc. Also comes with convenient travel pouch of this resistance bands set!


High Resilience

Made of durable and skin-friendly natural latex. Making sure NO SMELL, SNAPPING or ROLLING to bring customers stable experience. Our exercise resistance bands are easy on skin.

Come with 5 various resistance levels .Different color is in different level, bands size is 600*0.35/0.5/0.7/0.9/1.1mm.Premium natural latex material provides great elastic response as well as high resilience.Resistance Loop bands offer exceptional versatility and effortlessly accommodate any fitness level. Everyone can get suitable one for {Yoga, physical therapy and pilates.}


Dual sided for multiple surfaces

Crafted with a durable foam “top” to better grip hands or feet and an ultra-strong plastic that lets you glide across carpets or flooring, you can easily insanity all types of personal movements, like lunges, bridges, or skiers.These sliders are convenient for so many reasons: they are small, light, and compact, which makes it easy to store them when not in use. Plus, every move is low-impact, reducing your risk of energy.

These premium ab gliding discs can be used on your feet or hands to create fat burning, ab crunching exercises to help you tone your midsection, including pikes, planks, mountain climbers, inch worms, and more

Why choose Risegroup resistance bands?

Keep Fit Anywhere



                   Work at Home


Don’t worry about expensive gym costs, The design of our resistance bands with handles allows you do exercise at home.Double latex tube design, protect your safety and exercise effectiveness with Risegroup workout bands.



                   Work at Outside


The bands are made of 100% natural latex & free of TPE and come in 5 resistance levels: Green X-Light, Blue Light, Yellow Medium, Red Heavy, Black X-Heavy. Ideal for improving strength and mobility



            Combinable Intensity


According to your needs to choose the intensity, you can use a resistance band alone, or use multiple training bands in combination to meet the different requirements.

Different hook style for your selection



1. Pay attention to check whether there are cracks or damages to the product before every use. Do not use if you find any cracking or damage.

2. Wear appropriate shoes and ensure that the soles of your shoes are free of sharp objects to prevent damage to resistance bands.

3. Always warm up before you exercise.

4. When using this product for fitness, please start with the minimum resistance level, and then gradually increase the resistance level.

5. After consulting professional fitness practitioners, write down your weekly fitness plan and exercise scientifically.

6. In order to prolong the resistance band service life , you must use the appropriate bands for different exercises.

People also asked

1.Do Resistance Bands Actually Work?

The answer is yes as long as you know how to use resistance bands correctly

2.Can resistance bands build muscle like free weights do?

They are just as efficient and even better when it comes to safety and functionally training your body for the real world.

3.Do resistance bands break easily?

Not yet, but Begin all exercises slowly to ensure band strength and never release a resistance band while under tension. A release under tension can cause the band to snap back toward the user and result in significant injury.


How to order?


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How can I get more information about your product?

Yes,we do.please contact us directly.

By sea,air,Fedex,DHL,UPS,TNT etc.

 Q6:How long to receive a sample?

It's 2-4 days if stock sample,7-10 days to customize a sample(after payment).

Q7:How long for manufacturing once we place order?

It's about 25-30 days after payment or disposit.


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