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This set Including: NBR yoga mat*1, EVA block*2,yoga mat towel*1,hand towel*1,yoga strap*1

MOQ is 500 set,logo for free, support customize size and color,package,rugular size is 183*61cm

Support separate purchase, MOQ unchanged

High quality and quick delivery,month capacility is over 10000 qty

FOB:   7.9$ ~ 13.9$  depends on quantity.

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NBR yoga mat*1

 The new NBR material is soft, flexible, safe and non-toxic, and it is the healthy choice for you and the planet. great for all types of fitness and exercise, including Yoga, Pilates,Meditation and any floor workouts.

with yoga block

EVA yoga block*2

Made of durable & eco-friendly Eva foam for better support.Beveled edges provides firm, soft and comfortable grip, non-slip even sweat.Professional yoga block makes the practice easier and the process easier. Using these blocks individually or stacking them together can create a range of additional height and support possibilities.


Yoga mat towel*1

This towel will dry you and stick well to yoga mat (no need for constant readjustments). Choose size 183*61cm - it fits perfectly to the mat. Also, very comfortable to your skin - you will immediately notice the difference between this one and any other towel.


Hand yoga towel*1

It is made of Premium Microfiber. It acts as an ideal absorbent towel to wipe away perspiration and create a slip free surface. So you can stay focus on your mind, body and breath through entire sessions.

with yoga strap

Yoga strap*1

The Yoga Strap is made from thick and durable cotton that won't slip so you can try new yoga poses with confidence. The exercise stretching strap is perfect for beginners to connect in basic poses. Intermediate and advanced yogis can use this strap to work towards advanced poses and holds

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Carry belt*1

The carry belt can be washed with water, easy to use.Special storage bag,easy to carry, simple storage, dustproof.

The Advantages of NBR yoga mat

Soft material:

The use of highly resilient NBR (nitrile rubber) material ensures that it is firmly attached to the body. It fits and supports the body in a balanced way during training. Its vibration-absorbing properties make it soundproof and impact resistant, making it ideal for those living in apartments.Faster rebound,closed-cell foaming strong rebound effect,effectively absorb the pressure of the human body on the ground.

With high density foam material, the thick premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors

Constructed with top quality materials, free of latex and heavy metals; Eco-friendly; made with phthalate-free inks and dyes; Comes with carrying strap

Well- resistance

This  material is tensile and abrasion resistanct,it is also highly resistant to tears and friction,so it is scratch resistant and can be used for a long time

It absobs the load on joints that frequently come into contact  with the floor and the impact of intense exercise such as jumping

they are tear-resistant and durable which are ideal for yoga, Pilates, warm-up and dancing.

Easy to clean:

  • It is water-proof as it can be wipped off with a quick towel,Even if water is accidentally dropped on the yoga mat, you don’t have to worry. The material of the yoga mat is not easy to absorb water, and you can easily wipe it off with a paper towel.
  • Sweat-proof and moisture-proof,enhance comfortable feeling when you make yoga sports.
  • Easy to wash,NBR do not absorb water,mat can be used after washing and dry.
  • Easy to Wipe Clean with water, and hang to air dry. This extremely simple care routine will ensure that your mat will last you for years to come.


        • Anti-Slip lines can produce good friction with the human body prevent mat and body moving.
        • 10mm thickened, Effectively relieves strong impacts, reduce accidental injuries,and better protects the body and joints
        • Two different non-slip lines are applied on two sides  to prevent slippage ,so it sticks firmly to the ground and has a great grip
        • Use your hands to gently rub the surface of the yoga mat, you can feel its texture. These uneven texture can effectively prevent slipping during exercise.

Recommended thickness:

Beginner: 1.5cm

Yoga is a balance-oriented exercise. If the mat is too thick , it is hard to sense the ground, which means we don't easily balance. The1.5cm mat allows you to fully sense the ground and provide you with effective protection. You can choose a slightly wider yoga mat with posture alignment lines.

Advanced: 1 cm

As you gradually get the essentials of yoga, it is time to use a standard yoga mat of 1cm, which protects less, but deepens the ground perception.


People also asked

1.Is NBR yoga mat safe?

Absolutely yes, our NBR material is non toxin and eco friendly, the thickness up to 1cm, and non-slip

2.Which material is best for yoga mat?

NBR is most suit for yoga beginner because the thickness is 1-1.5cm or more

TPE material is also a good choice

3.How do you clean a NBR yoga mat?

NBR yoga mat is water-proof,  it can wipped off with a quick towel




We are the largest yoga mat production line in China,it contain different styles of yoga mat such as cork ,PVC,PU,TPE,NBR.We have more than 100 employees in the production department, daliy capacity is over 60000 qty to acheive fast delivery date ,only need 15 days.High productivity with high quality .

We have passed the certification of ISO9001 international quality management system and implemented comprehensive management. We have maintained good cooperative relations with many high-tech yoga products merchants. With high-quality customer service, advanced production level and professional management team, we have already had considerable competitive advantages among our peers.
Over the years, with accurate market positioning, classic and fashionable design style and humanized management concept combined with the needs of consumer groups, Risegroup insists on "quality leading, satisfying customers, equal and mutual recognition, sincerity, mutual trust and sustainable service" and cooperates with "full quality control to ensure quality"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How can I get more information about your product?

Yes,we do.please contact us directly.

By sea,air,Fedex,DHL,UPS,TNT etc.

 Q6:How long to receive a sample?

It's 2-4 days if stock sample,7-10 days to customize a sample(after payment).

Q7:How long for manufacturing once we place order?

It's about 25-30 days after payment or deposit.


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