How to select a good yoga mat

Do you think the more expensive the yoga mat, the better? The more anti-skid, the better?

If you can’t get out of the mistake of choosing yoga mats, you can’t practice yoga well either.

Then I will say from the root, how should you correctly choose and recognize yoga mats!

Yoga originated in India. At that time, yoga practitioners did not have any yoga mats and could do it by looking for a vacant lot.The production of the earliest yoga mat, the main function is actually to prevent dirty.


At that time, the indoor space for yoga in India was very limited, and India was short of water resources. Most Indians could not wash their dirty clothes at any time. Preparing a mat could save a lot of trouble. Later, they found that a mat can also bear a little anti-buffering effect to avoid some bumps. As a result, a mat or a towel became a yoga person’s personal belongings.

Yes, the origin of yoga mats has nothing to do with skid resistance. If you still have various functional aids of yoga mats in your mind, you are really wrong!

”Sliding “reflects under certain circumstances that your practice is not in place, your mastery of postures is not high enough, your awareness has not been fully exerted, and your consciousness is not concentrated enough. And these are the top priorities of yoga practice! If you expect a super anti-skid yoga mat to help you achieve it at this time, it is equivalent to a baby who has been relying on a walker and cannot learn to walk well in his life.

Is that why we don’t have to choose and just use a cushion? Perhaps most beginners are still confused when they see here

No matter which stage of yoga you are at, beginner or senior, a non-toxic and tasteless ordinary yoga mat with moderate thickness is enough to cope with your daily practice!



Then let’s go into details.

1.About material

NBR : Low cost, water-proof, soft enough for  yoga beginner,it’s thickness is most thick between different yoga mat, easy to clean and can save your cost,also you can use other yoga products to achieve the desired effect more effectively.Here i recommend this NBR yoga set


TPE:Environmental protection materials, good sense of use, high-grade yoga mat used.It offers higher density,durability,resilience than PVC material



PVC:The most common yoga mat material, moderate price, moderate hardness, spread on the ground is also very conformable,but cost performance is not the highest




There is no need to make a big fuss about the choice of thickness. Yoga mats seen on the market range from 1mm to 15mm. Generally, 6mm to 10mm is enough. It is OK for people with good buffer resistance to choose thinner ones. For people with weak joint tolerance, it is OK to add a towel. But don’t choose too thick for safety, which is not conducive to exerting force and controlling the body to find awareness.


3. Key points: Is skid resistance really necessary?

As mentioned above, anti-skid actually hinders your yoga practice to a certain extent, so should we use non-skid at all?


For beginners:

Choose one with moderate skid resistance (most yoga mats can satisfy). When your postures are not skilled enough, slippery cushions will make you easy to generate fear and distract your senses during practice. However, excessive anti-skid cushions will hinder your control and progress in detail awareness.

At this time, you can prepare another one that is not very skid-resistant. After one stage of practice, you can experience and test yourself on the cushion that is not skid-resistant. Has your balance awareness and ground-grasping awareness improved? Are you more in control of your body than you were a month ago?


For senior practitioners:

When you want to meditate and practice and fully experience the energy layer and inner feelings, you may as well choose one with good anti-skid performance, because the “anti-skid performance” at this time can no longer hinder your practice space. When you want to learn and challenge more difficult postures, you may as well regard yourself as a beginner again and refer to the above suggestions.


When you are still complaining that the cushions in the yoga studio are not easy to use and that your cushions are not skid-proof and high enough, please think first, is your understanding and mentality of yoga practice correct enough?


Most important

It’s not the quality of a yoga mat.

But the depth of your yoga practice

Post time: Oct-20-2020

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